First African Baptist Church | Savannah, GA


Tracing it roots back to 1777, Savannah’s First African Baptist Church is officially designated the oldest African American church in the United States. it was here that slaves took refuge while fleeing to the North and where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. first practiced his infamous “I Have A Dream” speech before presenting to the masses after his march on Washington. A unique feature of the church is its collection of stained glass windows depicting African American subjects.

The church museum contains archives and memorabilia that date back to the 18th century, including memorabilia dating to the congregation’s beginning in 1773. It also houses pictures of the church’s seventeen pastors, written records (from the 1800s to present), communion sets dating to 1814, and newspaper articles (from 1861 showing the dedication of the facility). Handmade quilts are also on display, with the history behind the designs.


First African Baptist Church
23 Montgomery Street. Savannah, GA 31401 USA
Phone: (912) 233-6597